Entry #1

Troidz 1.0

2007-09-09 19:49:59 by dercheezle

Troidz 1.0, my first game has been submitted to ng. Please be kind in your reviews as this is my first flash and was not meant to be that good of a game in the first place.

But because of all the kind reviews, I have already started production on 2.0. With this edition I actually mean to try and make a good game. Unfortunately though, due to school, it will probably be a few weeks (maybe even months :( ) before it's finished and ready for submission.

assured features for 2.0:

-multiple levels
-new lasers
-highscore saving

possible features for 2.0:

-different movement types (now assured)
-Sound (this will almost definitely make it to the game)
-different generic enemies (now assured)
-difficulty settings

impossible features for 2.0 (do not bother to suggest these, they're impossible):

-top 10 (or twenty or fifty or whatever) highscorers from around the world
-infinite level system
-infinite points system


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