Entry #7

Yes, Troidz 2 is almost done!

2008-06-12 18:04:27 by dercheezle

All of the programming and animation is done, I'm just waiting for my friend to compose some music and sound effects, and it will be released within a month or two!


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2008-08-28 11:50:16

Oh, why does nobody comment on your blog? D:


2009-03-12 18:35:29

It's so sad to see projects die :(


2009-03-24 04:17:43

rather than bump your thread about images in java, i thought i'd leave a nugget of thought here; java is a nightmare for image manipulation. I once wrote a java applet that displayed an image gallery. I promptly went insane


2009-04-15 00:06:23

Are u still alive?